Wednesday, April 25, 2007

WonderRagz are GO

Over the past fortnight or so, I've put a bit of energy into my Ragz. I made a display case that looks great! And I've repacked my stock into cellophane bags (that are biodegradable and look SO much better than the snap-locks I was using). Now I just have to print out the new labels I made (that don't have the name of the material, and have a simple tick-a-box option for sizing) and seal the packages with them. Oh, and I plan to make a stack more, especially maxis (I only have one left).

Then, the next stage is to make a few more display cases, for places where I plan to sell them. The case I have made looks small, but in fact stores a huge number of them. So, I know now that the case needs to be heaps smaller for places that will have less stock. And I've started making this really cute banner for my stalls - I've cut out little pads, that look SO cute!

So, it's all GO!

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