Sunday, April 22, 2007

My learning style

Today I've been exploring my "learning style" as part of the "Postgrad Essentials" course I'm doing. The test was pretty cool - it asked questions and I was often amazed at how clear my answers were. Anyway, here were my results:

Active/Reflective: I was 7 points in the direction of Reflective (that's a "moderate preference");
Sensory/Intuitive: I was 9 points in the direction of Intuitive (that's a "strong preference");
Visual/Verbal: I was 3 points in the direction of Verbal (that's considered "well balanced");
Sequential/Global: I was 11 points in the direction of Global (that's a "very strong preference", in fact as strong as is possible!)

So, basically, I like working alone, intuitively and reflectively, and I like to connect what I'm doing all together. I reckon that pretty accurately represents how I am working at the moment!

It seemed to kinda hint at a lack of discipline too, which is perhaps true - a resistance to the hard slog of detailed, consistent work.

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