Monday, April 16, 2007


tonight i did a conditioning class and then aerials. at the moment, my body is still reeling from doing web - where you climb a rope, put your hand into a loop then get spun around. i still feel nauseous and it's about 3 hours later. so, i'm a bit down on aerials for that!

but more seriously, i don't think i felt at all supported in the class, and i think i need to be. i'm quite self-conscious and feel discouraged easily. i have very few skills in aerials and have never found it easy. that would be fine if the environment were more supportive, but it feels like everyone is really just waiting to use the apparatus themselves.

jan asked me how it went and it was striking how negative i felt - and i was really trying to sound positive!

am not making a decision tonight, but i do feel like it's unlikely i'll continue with it. in terms of signs from the universe, i ended up paying only part of my fees for this term - strangely enough, i paid exactly the right amount for just my acro class (ie if i did drop the classes i went to today, it would work out with the money). AND then i could actually join the gym like i have been saying i'll do for ages! if i keep doing these classes, it doesn't leave much time for the gym ...

i'll keep y'all posted :>

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