Sunday, April 15, 2007

circus term 2

so today i made a snap decision. well i kinda had to because circus term 2 starts back today. oops that was a bit late (unlike me to be late, hey? actually, as i write, i'm trying to finish with a book that's nearly two weeks overdue from the library, but anyway ...) this term i am going to do aerials as well as acro. there's a conditioning class before aerials, so that means i'll get a good workout on mondays. then i'll try to do my pilates class on wednesday and then acro on fridays. i think that's quite nice, actually!

as for the show, jan tells me she's disappointed i've said i'm not going to do it. i'll see. i'd considered doing the performance class - i love performing best of all - but it seems that that has been replaced with a comedy/performance class or anni's "performance lab" which sounds horrific if you ask me (which of course, you didn't but this is a blog, so i get to rant!). the performance lab is where you go with your ideas and she helps develop them. not really my style.

am a bit worried about going back to aerials - i'm not a natural at it, and i always struggled last year to remember stuff. but i did love being in the air!!

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