Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Wonder ragz - the next generation

If you don't know what wonderragz are, check out:

anyway, so at the moment, wonder ragz are due for an update. so far they are:
* made in 4 thicknesses, maxi, regular, light and panty-liner; and 2 lengths, day and night. I think that these are all good, but i think they all need to be wider, especially the thicker ones, and night-time ones.

*packaged in snap-lock bags. this was a good idea to start off, but is really not viable for much longer. i feel like this packaging problem is holding me back from trying to sell them more often and in more places. So, last week i emailed a company about packaging (they didn't have any dimensions that were appropriate, and i wanted to have some made in the right size) but i haven't heard back. maybe i should look again at the sizes and be more open-minded about what could work.

*labelled using stick-on, printed, labels. I print them with all their details and this is not working all that well, cos there are SO many permutations and combinations that are possible, and so I have to make each one especially. I wish I had a stamp of some sort, with the logo on it. Also, I reckon I should use check boxes for the sizes and then I could just print labels with each design name on it (and have options for night/day; panty-liner/light/regular/maxi). Genius!

*I've been selling them at the Melb-Uni co-op mainly, as well as through word-of-mouth, and i've done 3 markets. I have mainly kept track, but not extremely well, i confess.

*in terms of market stall, i have a small fold-out table and chair, some red velvet to display them on (I think this could be made a bit more exciting), the labels that i use are always in danger of flying away, although they look nice (shiny pen on black background). the packaging gets really shiny in the sun, so i really need to use an umbrella of some sort. I've been planning to make a banner that says either bloodsistas or wonder ragz. i think probably bloodsistas, cos then it references the website. and i might make some more displays, e.g. colourful flags, or a chart that explains them.

*also, my overlocker is playing up at the moment, i think it needs to be serviced (i think i broke it a bit). maybe i should fix that asap, because that's what is really holding everything up (i have a few orders i need to fill).

that's all. I think it's nearly time to get off the computer and go and follow up some of these ideas!


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