Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Finished fencing

So, yesterday, i finished fencing off the bits of the garden where i am growing things.

a few days ago, the chooks were on the roof of their house, apparently disgruntled at being left in their coop for about a week without any time in the garden. it was funny cos they could have flown down into the neighbours' garden (which they've done before), except that they have a dog and the dog was in their yard. so the chooks were just sitting on the roof, hanging out.

i realised that i couldn't keep them out of the garden indefinitely. but whenever they have come into the garden, they have eaten and scratched everything in reach. so, i bit the bullet, or rather opened up my wallet, and bought heaps of fencing wire and fenced off all the main areas. and i've put a fence up on the side of the house, so that i can shut them in and have jessie (the dog) out and about. jess killed a chook (emma) in the first few weeks after the chooks started living here, and i've no doubt she'd do the same again given the chance.

anyway, it was a huge job, and i'm not 100% sure it will actually work, cos i wanted to keep the fences low, to keep the garden beds accessible to me, when i want to plant stuff. the chooks could just jump over the fences if they wanted to. but, let's hope they don't!

this morning i finished the gate on the side fence, or rather put the hinges on the gate and nailed in a piece of wood that sticks up above the fence. This bit of wood is there so that i can hang flags along the length of the fence, so that the chooks are deterred from trying to fly over the fence. I'll make the flags some time in the next week or so.

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