Thursday, April 19, 2007

post Varekai musings

Last night i had a free ticket to check out Varekai - the Cirque du Soleil show. WOW! My jaw was on the floor for most of the show. I almost forgot to clap at some points, it was just so incredible. There was a guy juggling huge balls and doing the craziest stuff- like at one point he had a stick and two balls, he caught the stick in his mouth and then got one ball from his foot onto the stick and then the second ball on top of the first (also from his foot). Even cooler were the acro guys juggling each other (the flier would be in a headstand on the bases feet, then tossed in the air, and landing again); or the 3 little boys who juggled while doing backflips in sync; or the young woman in the sparkly costume (pretty!) who contorted her body into the most flinch-worthy positions. Or the stacks of three people standing on each other's shoulders ... no my favourite was the net/tissue act. this guy used a diamond shaped net like a tissue/rope, wrapping himself in it, wrapping and falling like a tissue act, climbing up it, while extending it like wings. I don't do it justice here, it was mesmerising and I've never seen anything like it. There was also a cool double-trapeze act that was fun to pick out tricks in (having done a very modest amount of trapeze, and an even more modest amount of triple).

So, anyway, it got me thinking about how I can keep doing aerials but ditch the class. So I came up with the idea of doing beginners aerials (it's a big class) - I know it's a bit of a regression and part of my pride is railing against it, but apart from that it's such a good idea (sorry pride, I'm not ignoring you)! And then today i found out that my acro class has been cancelled, which sucks cos it's the one i'm most excited about! hannah is trying to recruit, but i'm resigned to possibly hooking into the intermediate class (which is also on friday). I think that might be pretty cool - beginner's aerials (thursday) and intermediate acro (friday). not sure about conditioning on mondays though ... 3 circus nights a week is a bit full on. but that said, i am wanting to get my fitness back up and circus seems to be the only thing i actually sho up for!

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