Wednesday, April 4, 2007

circus decisions

so, i'm in the women's circus (check it out at last year i was in an aerials class, as well as new women's. we got to do heaps in the show from both classes. we were really lucky.

but i'm not wanting to do the show this year. it was too full on and i couldn't really handle the stress of it all. at the time, i was also applying to do my phd, working a lot, and still struggling with my mental health. it was all a bit much. i don't think i'll do the show this year.

so far this year, all i've done is an intensive tumbling class and beginner's acro and conditioning. the latter were both on the same night, which meant that i was only out one night a week. that was pretty good. but i want to do more this term - i'm tossing up whether i should do aerials again or a tumbling/acro class at circus oz. even as a i write, i know that the tumbling/acro class would be better. there's something about aerials and the specific aerials class that didn't feel good. i think it's because i have a terrible memory for aerials - my body just doesn't seem to work that way. but i do want to do it again, maybe when i have developed more fitness and more body-awareness. it's funny, but i feel like hand-stands are a pretty basic skill that i want to develop at this point in time.

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