Wednesday, May 2, 2007

welcome molly cocoa and pearl

alice (the chook) seemed so lonely without her buddy betty, who seems to have left us for hopefully another happy home. so last weekend jan and i drove out to macclesfield (aka woop woop) and picked up two new chookens.

one is quite pale and has white spots on her neck, and her name is pearl. the other is quite dark, her name is molly cocoa. they were both 18 weeks when we got them.

i thought at first that pearl was going to be the bottom of the pecking order (alice was inevitably going to be the head chook), but it seems that molly isn't exactly the full quid, and she seems to be the bottom.

we clipped their wings straight away, but molly was keen to fly out of the coop (maybe she's not so silly, actually). i found her perched on top of the coop wall, with jess barking up at her. hmmm. scary first day.

anyway, so i worked on finally putting a roof on the coop. no more stress that they'll decide to fly away. i was really keen for it not to look like a cage - repress that truth - and i wanted them to have some shelter and some sun. so i scrounged around the yard and found a huge piece of shade cloth and some chicken wire. i went down to bunnings and got myself some more chicken wire and spent a day hammering and piecing bits together. jan helped with the tricky bits. it looks great - i'm real proud of it. the girls seem happy enough too.

today we spent about 3 hours together in the garden - me reading, them pecking around. they are starting to act as a flock, rather than as a brazen lone chicken and two scared little chooks.

i timed it well, cos it's now pouring with rain again. i spent some time during my lunch break planting endive, kale and coriander. the seedlings will love being rained in properly :>

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