Thursday, May 10, 2007

My new fitness regime

So i've been feeling tired and unfit for a few months now. I recently was inspired by one of my housemates, nellie, who has started skipping every night after work. the best exercise i've done in the past few years was a circuit class i was doing before circus last term (alas, the circuit class got cut)

So, I do
*2 mins warm up run around the garden
*2 or 3 headstands (each time splitting then lowering my legs and using my tummy muscles to raise them again)
*10 handstands
*7 minutes stretching (focussing especially on stretching so I can do the splits one day)

Then I do 2 minutes each of:
*shuttle run
*push ups
*shuttle run
*tricep dips
*sit ups

Then, finally, I do 5 minutes of a circus skill. Both times so far, I've done juggling, but I think I'll also give myself the option of hula hooping or poi. And maybe I'll think of more things too :>

It's been fun so far - it's pretty minimal in terms of time and commitment, but still feels good afterwards. We'll see how long it lasts :>

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