Sunday, May 13, 2007

and another section heading

ooow ooow ooow

oh and another idea for a section:
It would be so worthwhile to discuss privilege in a section
*Hage's discussion in White Nation about parallels between cosmo-multiculturalists and exclusionary nationalists
*Clare and Elliott's wonderful discussion of "rednecks" - the displacement of prejudice onto rural, working class people
*discussion of Whiteness, white theory
*privilege vs centricity (e.g. heterocentricity, ablism)
*my experience of discussing whether multiculturalism is a useful term or not, where Millsom said she thinks it's redeemable, c.f. Jan's experience of it being used by white people, and her preference for working within a "women of colour" framework (and then my realisation that my opinion on the topic does matter, I'm just not there to be the chief organiser)
*my article that got used by SALP on privilege and volunteering

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