Sunday, May 13, 2007

Chapters in my thesis

I've started thinking about how my thesis could be structured.

here are some ideas for chapters [the bits in square brackets could be omitted]:
*Being welcome [in the community]
*The object(ive) of pity
*Being tolerant
*Displaying "our" diversity

OK, so for some more fleshing out of these ideas:
Displaying our diversity:
*Clare traces the history of the "freak show," which historically displayed people from colonised countries, disabled people and other people who were physically unusual according to the standards of the viewers.
*Hevey (writing about disability imagery) and Clare both discuss charities through the concept of "Pity Festivals"
*Hage discusses multiculturalism as "zoology"
*Mardi Gras?
*Statements by public figures in the context of Midsumma about how Midsumma is exciting, but seems to be "for queers" in the most limited sense (c.f. the idea that queer is intended to move beyond essentialist categories of "gay" and "straight" and to be participatory)
*Statements by public figures in the context of Celebrate our Cultural Diversity Week, and perhaps Harmony Day, where multiculturalism is again "exciting"
*Bring in ideas from Corker, about how the internet may have been developed by autistics to have communicative devices that suit their purposes
*Merinda's cartoon about her applying for a job.
*Why Yooralla Week?

This section alone seems pretty much to be my thesis!

OK, so I'm going back to study now. xx

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