Monday, July 30, 2007

a long absence

dear blog follower(s)

it's been a while. over a month. in breaking news, i just did a night of facebooking (mainly stalking exes, I confess). I managed to get my own birthday wrong (well facebook did that) ... it was fun though, i recommend it.

in other news, today i began reading derrida. i think i was expecting it to be dense and difficult and somehow a "ta da!" moment. but it wasn't. it was good - an essay that i already knew was going to be relevant to my work. he was talking about hospitality and forgiveness (separately); basically arguing that they depend on a paradox, that forgiveness is really only forgiveness when it is unconditional, forgiving what is really "unforgivable". in terms of my study, it's relevant cos i'm challenging the "tolerance" of liberals, who so often argue for tolerance on the basis that particular groups really "aren't different", when for me the challenge is to work out how to respond ethically to difference without erasing it, exotising it, or whatever else so often happens. Hmmm i suspect this is rambling late at night. what i meant to say was that i read butler, foucault and derrida all in the same day. it made me laugh, cos it all feels so performative, this whole "being a student" thing. i mean, i really am doing it.

anyway, this is really just a place-filler. i will get back to writing again :>

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