Friday, June 15, 2007

eggs again!

two of the chookens are laying eggs. one of them is laying the the laying box - where i put two fake eggs (thanks mum, again!) - i assume this is alice, cos that's where she used to lay. but one of them has been laying from her perch - i assume it's pearl cos her comb is much bigger than molly cocoa's, which means she's probably older. Anyway, these eggs smash into their droppings box. it's totally feral. am thinking that maybe i should remove their perches for a few days until they lay in the laying box. they can all sleep in the laying box (alice, betty and emma used to sleep there).

by the say, i can't believe i haven't called a chicken "daisy" yet. the next ones will be called "daisy" and "claire" - i prefer clara, but jan and i say it very differently - she says "claire-a" and i say "clar-a", so we agreed the chicken would get confused if we called her different names.

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